woensdag 29 september 2010

Postzegels / Postage Stamps

Bij de Nederlandse post bestaat de mogelijkheid om, tegen betaling, eigen postzegels met frankeerwaarde te laten maken.
Zo gezegd, zo gedaan. Omdat ik nog altijd niet weet hoe je faux postage postzegelvellen maakt (vooral met die perfecte gaatjes... met een radeerwieltje lukt míj dat in ieder geval niet, en voor een prikpen ontbreekt tijd en geduld. Tips dan ook welkom!).

Op deze postzegel de brievenbus vlakbij, die inmiddels al enkele tientallen mail art poststukken heeft 'opgeslokt'!

The Dutch postal service offers the possibility to design your own prepayed stamps, which you can use for postage.
And I did it! Because I still don't know how to make faux postage stamp sheets myself (especially stamps with those perfect holes-borders, something which I still didn't succeed to make - you are welcome to write your tips about how to construct these real postage stamp holes).

On this postage stamp you see the letterbox nearby. This one has 'eaten' some tens of mail art work so far.

zondag 26 september 2010

Words (1)

Yes, I became member of the famous IUOMA, and yes, it indeed is a great network: due to the IUOMA I got mails from colleagues I possibly otherwise wouldn't ever have met.

And I received a e-mail from a friendly person from overseas, who told he didn't pass the stringent criteria to become a IUOMA member. Of course this caused many feelings of compassion, and as I gathered that this kind person likes to talk, likes words, this work came out of my pen to be send to the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

Tiny art (2 - Breaking News: Lost in Post?)

After more than two months of patience I'm afraid the conclusion is that my tiny piece of mail art for Josh Ronsen's Tiny Art Exchange has been lost in mail. Or at the border. To send a tiny unidentified object packed in two bottle caps with strange tiny creatures stamped on the envelope might cause suspicion. Or at least a frown.
And I imagine the authorities, who unpacked this object to investigate it, aren't able to wrap it up that way again. So possibly the tiny to-exchange-art-object ended it's life in a dustbin!?...

Fortunately I had few pictures left, and one of these I could use for a new attempt of a tiny 'art' exchange.
Packed in a more nondescript way this time.

(To be revealed as soon as it arrives it's destination!)(And it did!)

zaterdag 18 september 2010


55 'dingen' waar ik blij mee ben / 55 'things' which make me happy!

Gemaakt voor / made for Amuldo's Project 55.

zondag 5 september 2010

From the Owl series (5)

Sent last month to Italy, for the Owl project.

Received from Okadascat

This beautiful turquoise Cat was made and sent by Okadascat, as an answer to my contribution to the I-like-purple project.

Thank you so much, Okadascat, I really appreciate your fine my-favourite-color drawing!