zondag 24 juli 2016

My biggest fear?

Made for Corentine Granderue's mail art project "Envoyez-moi votre plus grande peur"("Send me your greatest fear").
Me 'peur'??
As I know and accept since many years that life will end one day, that most people learn to cope with negative things in life and I expect myself to do so, too, and that unpleasant things always will end, I thought there is nothing that really and continuously would scare me. Until I remembered a situation that my knees started shaking and my body stopped moving forward: I am able to be afraid: there are situations in which I show fear of height!
So I drew this situation. In real it was a ledge instead of a bridge and this ledge wasn't that high :-)

In front you can see one of my very rare self portraits :-)

And I wonder: what is YOUR biggest fear?

The envelope was inspired by Corentine's call for entries and by the well-known art by "E", ambassadeur d'Utopia.

The 'fear' mail art project has closed. But don't worry: check Corentine's website for her new mail art project: "l'Enfermement" ("The imprisonment").
And "E"'s website for his new project: "Les migrants – Mineurs isolés – Europe, terre promise?" ("The migrants - isolated minors - Europe, promised land?").

donderdag 21 juli 2016

woensdag 20 juli 2016

Time to send Butterflies!

It is summer now, here, with temperatures over 30 degrees Celsius, and the butterflies fly.
Time to send two of them into the world.

The Vanessa Atalanta (Red Admiral) will travel overseas, to the USA, and the Lemon butterfly will go to Hungary.
Have a safe travel, the two of you!