woensdag 30 maart 2016

Sometimes a bird, sometimes a cat

Sometimes one has to draw a bird, sometimes one has to draw a cat.
You'll probably know that I prefer to draw birds, but to my surprise suddenly this cat came out of my drawing pen, too.

The Rainbow Lorekeet I've sent in south-east direction, the Cat is on its way to the north-west, which I think a good idea because this way they won't hurt each other.

Update (two hours later)

Forgot that this year I've drawn one other cat before.
Accompanied by famous Rat Remy, sent to the south:

donderdag 24 maart 2016

Squirrel / Fox / Sqox

Squirrel and Snail Mail Snail sent to Connie Jean's Squirrelmuseum:

Fox sent to Margit in Germany:

Sqox - Pufflingspaintings character - sent to @pufflingspaintings herself:

Fortunately for the latter I had found these matching stamps to accompany Sqox during the journey:

donderdag 10 maart 2016

Mail Chicken and Mail Gull

About 48 weeks ago I painted two postal birds, on eggs. Birds other than the well-known mail pigeons. I peeled the eggs a little on the back to remove the inside. And I've kept them for almost a year in my kitchen window sill.

Finally the time has come to let them go, thanks to this call for an Egg Mail Art project!

So I packed them and added some drawing inside the box:

Seems to be a good question: 'Who was first, the chicken or the egg?'. These birds know the answer!

And I addressed it to the curator of this project, Éva in Hungary:

With some flying egg on the back side (all credits to the mail artist who drew this first - alas I forgot who it was.):

All in a larger package with many stamps:

Wishing both birds a good and safe travel!

zondag 6 maart 2016

Mail for the unknown Mr. Eduardo Munez

Triceratops, drawn for Ruth Tapp, or better: for the mysterious person we don't know yet but who we might learn to know when the movie about him will have been released!

You can still send mail to Mr. Eduardo Munez, check this call for mail art. And see the received mail on the 'Eduardo Munze Letter Project' blog!