vrijdag 25 februari 2011

Received from Ryosuke Cohen: Brain Cell ~784

It's an honour to receive mail from Ryosuke Cohen.
There's always a lot to see, enjoy, and much food for thought on his Brain Cell Forms.

Above you see Brain Cell form 784, made January 10th, received by a happy receiver today. My contribution is the Milton Nascimento faux postage stamp.
Below Ryosuke Cohen's Bulletin Board.
The names of the contributing mail artists you can find in the message of Febr.25 on the IUOMA network site.

Arigato, thank you very much Ryosuke! And thanks - grazie - merci - danke schön - dank - thank you - gracias - obrigado - kiitos - dzięki - dziakuju - sonas ort - arigato all contributing mail artists!

woensdag 23 februari 2011

Enveloppen versieren

'n Her-te-gebruiken envelop. Met Koninklijke TNT Post erop, inclusief kroon. Altijd goed om aan te vullen.

Recycle an envelope. With the Royal TNT Mail logo, which contains a crown. Always nice to replenish.

dinsdag 22 februari 2011

From the 'Stamps in Stamp' serie (1 & 2)

Postzegels in Postzegel (1): Compositie in Rood, Zwart en Wit,
voor "E".

Stamps in Stamp (1): Composition in Red, Black and White,
for "E".

(2) "Sending out messages in 5 bottles (out of a hundred billion)", voor Patrizia. Waarom doet TicTac's mail art project me toch steeds aan dit lied uit 1979 denken?!?..

(2) "Sending out messages in 5 bottles (out of a hundred billion)", for Patrizia. Why would TicTac's mail art project make me think of this 1979 song?!?..

woensdag 9 februari 2011

Pássaro preto / Black Bird (2): Gierzwaluw, Andorinhão-preto, Common swift

Nog een zwarte vogel (her)ontdekt. De gierzwaluw vliegt enorme afstanden, van Europa naar Afrika en terug. Déze gaat naar de andere kant van de oceaan, naar het Braziliaanse 'Zwarte vogel' mail art project.

Recently I (re)discovered this black bird. The common swift usually flies gigantic distances, from Europe to Africa and back. This one will fly to the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, to Brazil for the Pássaro Preto / Black Bird mail art project.

Een digitale versie van de bovenste illustratie is voor het bulletin van de Gierzwaluw Bescherming Nederland.
A digital version of the illustration on top goes to the magazine of the Gierzwaluw Bescherming Nederland, Dutch Organization of Protection of the Common Swift.