zondag 30 juni 2013

donderdag 27 juni 2013

Writing without writing tools

The letter above has been written without the use of pens, graphite or anything else usually used for writing. You can read how the sender succeeded in writing this way!
I received it from Venus from Canada - thank you very much, Venus!

Meanwhile I was asked to write without writing tools also. My texts I've sent to some other member of a very secret League. (Click on the pictures to read full texts.)

A real challenge to invent 'new' ways of writing, to solve this challenge. Above some stitched words.

And by first forgetting my scissors, I learned that tearing paper into letters also helps. The quote above is based on a song of the British eighties indie band the Passions, my favourite song of this band I used to listen to in my teens.

For anyone who is curious to know but couldn't decipher the stitched extraterrestial words above:

zaterdag 22 juni 2013

Owls from the city

Een druk familieleven voor de Uilen in de stad. Gemaakt en verstuurd naar Duitsland, voor Mail a Smile challenge # 5.

A busy life for the Owl family in the city. Made and sent to Germany, for the Mail a Smile project Challenge # 5.

zondag 9 juni 2013

Oranje-turkooise vuurtorens

Ik zoek en vind graag bestaande vuurtoren-kaarten, om die te sturen naar de mensen die deze kaarten extra waarderen. Zoals Ravindra in Sri Lanka, en Eva.
Maar, heel soms moet ik er een maken. Omdat de gewenste kleur niet voor het oprapen ligt, of zo.

I love to find existing lighthouse postcards, to send them to people who like these cards more than usual. Like Ravindra in Sri Lanka, and of course Eva.
But, very occasionally, I have to make one. For instance when the desired colours aren't available, and so.

Gemaakt voor en gestuurd naar Eva. En ik moet jullie toch ook de brievenbus laten zien, waar ik 'm deze keer gepost heb! De postbode was al paraat.

Made for and sent to Eva. And I simply HAVE to show you the mailbox I've put this mail into this time! The postman already was waiting to pick up the mail to deliver.

Kijk maar!
Look and see!