vrijdag 31 maart 2017

Blue birds

Naomi was so kind to send me one of the postcards from her thousand postcard project.
On instagram I saw she draws and paints wonderful birds on envelopes (like these Cockatoos).
So I decided to draw a bird in reply to send to Australia. And while I prefer to draw Australian wildlife, she prefered to receive a Dutch bird. So this Blue Tit arose on my paper.

On the envelope some more 'blue' birds: the 'Blauwborst' (literally 'blue chest', in English the Bluethroat) on the Dutch stamp, and... I couldn't resist to add one tiny Australian birdie, the superb fairy-wren.

donderdag 30 maart 2017

For the Endangered Animals project

This year Micu has an ongoing mail art project about endangered animals. I would say: take a look at Mail a Smile and join!

This bluefin tuna I finished today, in hope that the original species won't finish.

On the back side an example of the location fish like these finish in:

A few weeks before I drew and painted her this white rhino:

See Mail a Smile's gallery for more contributions from various artists to the Endangered animals project and feel inspired to add your contribution to this project!