woensdag 30 maart 2011


Als antwoord op mijn air mail art deze documentatie. Leuke postzegel-stempel op de envelop!
En ook leuk dat mijn bijdrage niet alleen online tentoongesteld is, maar ook in het tastbare (analoge?) museum.

As an answer to my air mail art I received this documentation. I like the postage stamp-stamp in the envelope!
It's a nice idea that my contribution not only is exhibited online, but also in the real (analogue?) museum.

Hieronder een nieuw thema waarvoor het Modesto Art Museum ons uitnodigt, houd de website in de gaten!

Below a new theme to which the Modesto Art Museum invites us. Watch the museum website!

Received from Rachel Freeman

Mail artist and collage artist Rachel Freeman sent a great animal (I'm not sure if this was meant for the Real Weird Animals website, but to my opinion, looking closer, ducks are lovely weird animals, too!).

Also she sent me these beautiful Kansas Sun Flowers, both as a mail art collage as on the envelope.

Together with two bookmarks, of which I want to share this Lorax by Dr. Seuss (how did you know that at this moment I'm trying to speak for the trees?).

Thanks a lot, Rachel!

vrijdag 25 maart 2011

woensdag 16 maart 2011

Graphic novel 10x15

Een 10x15 cm beeldverhaal - vervolg op onze theevisite (zie hier en hier) - voor het kleine grote stripverhalen project van Andy REAL wall en de Westminster bibliotheek.

A 10x15 cm graphic novel - continued of our virtual visit to Andy and Elena (see here and here) - for the Little Big Stories mail art project of Andy REAL wall and the Westminster Libraries.


"Ongeloof... Teleurstelling.. Verdriet."
"Disbelief... Disappointment.. Sadness."

Voor het 'Emoties/gevoelens' mail art project.
For the 'Feelings' mail art project.