zondag 19 december 2010

Merel - Blackbird - Pássaro Preto (1)

Voor het Braziliaanse 'Blackbird project'- For the Brazilian 'Blackbird - Pássaro preto - project'.
Uit zijn snavel komt het mooie Braziliaanse lied 'O cio da terra'. The song he sings is the beautiful Brazilian song 'O cio da terra'.

Bij het horen van het woord 'Blackbird' denken we natuurlijk meteen aan de Merel.
Maar.. De Braziliaanse 'zwarte vogel' is geen merel (melro-preto in 't Portugees), maar een andere, letterlijk de pássaro preto. Vandaar déze zwarte vogel erbij getekend.

Hearing the name 'Blackbird' I instantly think of our common blackbird.
However.. The Brazilian 'black bird' (literally 'pássaro preto') is not the same bird as the common blackbird (turdus merula). The also nice singing Brazilian Blackbird is quite distinct, for this reason I added o pássaro preto to this mail.

maandag 13 december 2010

Footsteps in the snow

De eerste artistamps gaan vandaag op de brievenbus: naar Japan!
Uiteindelijk met de hand geperforeerd, de randjes van de benodigde 150 postzegels.
Hierboven de begeleidende ansichtkaart, hieronder de bij deze kaart behorende postzegel.

And the first artistamps are ready to be sent to Japan!
After all hand perforating seemed to be the quickest way to make the needed 150 seals.
Above you see the accompanying postcard, below the corresponding faux postage stamp.

zaterdag 11 december 2010

Artistamps (1)

Mijn allereerste arti-postzegelvel! Wel nog even bedenken hoe ik alle randen 't gemakkelijkst perforeren kan (anders wordt 't met de hand)...
Een eerbetoon aan de Braziliaanse zanger/componist/muzikant Milton Nascimento.
De originele afbeelding maakte ik alweer járen geleden met aquarel en pen. Grappig om te zien hoe de herhaling, in zo'n postzegelvel, een beeld weer heel anders maakt.

My very first artistamps sheet! Now solving the 'problem' of how to perforate the stamp edges in a an easy way (alternatively I could do it by hand)...
A tribute to the Brazilian singer/composer/musician Milton Nascimento.
The original image (mixed media: watercolour and pen) I made many years ago. Funny to see that repetition, inherent in stamp sheets, does change such a single image a lot!

zondag 5 december 2010

From the Sad Fish series (1)

Gemaakt voor / made for A Fishy Requisite.

Received from Okadascat

A rather unusual mail art object came into my postbox: Knitting Art!
Made by Okadascat as an answer to my contributions to Okadascat's I Like Purple mail art project.

About Knitting Art there is a lot to say. Thanks to Okadascat and to other mail artists I learned that knitting can be used for all kinds of art purposes, like Kniffity, and even you can replace nature by Knitted Flora.

And this beautiful envelope covered the cool brooch...

... a brick wall envelope which for some reason made me think of an other zealous mail artist: Andy, of course, the founder of the Real Wall.

How nice to see the circle is round (or: the world is small): on Andy and Elena's Real Wall there is a lot of Knitting Art from Okadascat!

Thanks a lot, Okadascat, for your brooch, stamps and your kind message!

Received from Tic Tac

I have been drawing postage stamps since I started sending mail, because drawing/painting is my life and such a piece of faux postage makes mail more personal.

Several months ago Tic Tac sent me this artistamps sheet.
And it was the very first time I got a Real Artistamps Sheet in my hands. Not knowing that artistamps are a phenomenon already for ages and many mail artists are creating them.

There is a lot to see in these 24 winks stamps. When I received them, I only saw the flowers (as I was distracted and touched by the beautifully rubber-stamped envelop, too). But looking more closely now I see: there is also beauty-in-the-eye!
Great work of art, Patrizia! Thanks again a lot!