vrijdag 17 juli 2015

Ode to snail (paper) mail

The mail art network often is called 'the eternal network'.
Sometimes, when I am reading that post offices are closing worldwide, when hearing that the number of delivering days a week are decreasing, as well as home delivering in some places,
sometimes, when we see that postage rates increase, while working conditions for postal workers are deteriorating, and things like that, I am wondering for how long the analogue, paper network will keep on going.

Meanwhile all my received paper mail art survived so far. While in contrary much digital art may not survive eternally, for example because of change of email addresses, computer crashes, or change of website owners etcetera.

These thoughts, and the Mail Pigeon, I am sending to Ryosuke Cohen in Japan. Thanks to his connecting Brain Cell project, to my opinion he is one of the masters of the Eternal universe Network.

woensdag 15 juli 2015

Ode to a shoe

In contrary to many other women, I hate to go shopping for clothes and shoes and so.
As some others do, I prefer to walk into an art supply store, a book shop, and in former days, to places where they sell (sold) LP's and CD's. And musical instruments. Oh, and forgot to tell that toyshops also belong to my favourite stores :-)

Every now and then I have to buy new clothes or shoes. For me less than once a year. While the kids, who are growing, more often need new clothes. Fortunately they can look for clothes themselves while I am waiting in the cloths shop, humming and in the end paying. Meanwhile you can see me sitting, drawing, on a stool or bench if available, while the kids are trying their new-cloths-to-be in the fitting rooms. I have drawn a few pieces then, among them this shoe. I drew it after a black one, but as I wanted to send it to someone in the city of Nijmegen, suddenly I painted it green, red and black. These are the colours of the Nimwegian soccer club NEC.

The fish I carved at home, and I added it when I re-discovered a green-red inking pad which I had bought some time ago, when happily shopping for art supplies :-)