maandag 5 oktober 2015

'Treat all animals respectful. They know more than you think they do.'

Started to draw this Sea Gull more than a week ago at a cube competition. Finished yesterday, 4th of October, World Animal Day.

While our two guinea pigs got extra endive and other vegetables (by the way, they always and each day get extra endive and other vegetables) I was contemplating about some weird, paradox happening during World Animal Day.
People tend to treat their pets with some extras on this day. But: many pets are cats and dogs, and their treats usually exist of, right, animals... Cows, pigs, chicken, of whom most, at least in our country, don't enjoy the good things of life, hidden in stables without sunlight, with too little space and a hard floor without any plants...
Paradoxical, isn't it?

Sent to Ryosuke Cohen for the Brain Cell project.

zondag 4 oktober 2015

Yes! to the Yes Men (and please stop TTIP*)

I am happy to receive and share this Brain Cell form, which Ryosuke Cohen sent to me.
In case you don't know this project: in June 1985 Ryosuke Cohen started this networked art project, to which individual artists from all over the world contribute stamps, stickers, drawings etcetera. These contributions are sent through the mail to him. He assembles and prints them using a small silkscreen system, the so-called Cyclostyle. He prints 150 copies (30 x 42 cm) and each participant is mailed a Brain Cell print along with a documentation list of contributors world wide. And this process is repeated every 8 to 10 days.
So the print you see above is Brain Cell number 924 already!

See for more information wikipedia and the IUOMA 'Brain Cell Compilation' group.

On this Brain Cell no 924, center right, you can find my contribution, a tribute to the Yes Men. Here's the (scanned) original one:

Made out of enthusiasm after seeing a documentary on this duo and movement. I admire their non-violent, intriguing, sometimes even funny way to make the earth a better place instead of the polluted, overconsuming, injust, unfair and even more threatened place our world is nowadays...
See for more info on the Yes Men wikipedia and their website.

* Meanwhile big industry is keeping on threatening our vulnerable world in order to fill their own pockets. By for instance the TTIP and CETA: sinister trade deals. 'Helped' by the also obscure ISDS we will sell our democracy, and loose our earth, to investors who have no other purpose than profit. 'Europe' and 'the USA' will soon sign a trade agreement which makes me very much worried about all fore-mentioned threats to our world.
Please help the political leaders' conscience, help them to make a healthy and wise decision instead of sell their souls and our world for unfair and dangerous commercial purposes. You can do so by getting informed, sign petitions and spread the word. Please take a look at the Stop TTIP site (and many would be grateful if you sign the petition, thank you!).

zaterdag 12 september 2015

The Camel

Camel, or in fact a dromedary, drawn for the 'The Camel' mail art project, therefore sent to the Spanish island Tenerife.

woensdag 2 september 2015

C'est une pipe

Sent to a postcrosser who loves pipes and who - in contrary to many postcrossers - suggested to use an envelope and draw something on it.

vrijdag 17 juli 2015

Ode to snail (paper) mail

The mail art network often is called 'the eternal network'.
Sometimes, when I am reading that post offices are closing worldwide, when hearing that the number of delivering days a week are decreasing, as well as home delivering in some places,
sometimes, when we see that postage rates increase, while working conditions for postal workers are deteriorating, and things like that, I am wondering for how long the analogue, paper network will keep on going.

Meanwhile all my received paper mail art survived so far. While in contrary much digital art may not survive eternally, for example because of change of email addresses, computer crashes, or change of website owners etcetera.

These thoughts, and the Mail Pigeon, I am sending to Ryosuke Cohen in Japan. Thanks to his connecting Brain Cell project, to my opinion he is one of the masters of the Eternal universe Network.

woensdag 15 juli 2015

Ode to a shoe

In contrary to many other women, I hate to go shopping for clothes and shoes and so.
As some others do, I prefer to walk into an art supply store, a book shop, and in former days, to places where they sell (sold) LP's and CD's. And musical instruments. Oh, and forgot to tell that toyshops also belong to my favourite stores :-)

Every now and then I have to buy new clothes or shoes. For me less than once a year. While the kids, who are growing, more often need new clothes. Fortunately they can look for clothes themselves while I am waiting in the cloths shop, humming and in the end paying. Meanwhile you can see me sitting, drawing, on a stool or bench if available, while the kids are trying their new-cloths-to-be in the fitting rooms. I have drawn a few pieces then, among them this shoe. I drew it after a black one, but as I wanted to send it to someone in the city of Nijmegen, suddenly I painted it green, red and black. These are the colours of the Nimwegian soccer club NEC.

The fish I carved at home, and I added it when I re-discovered a green-red inking pad which I had bought some time ago, when happily shopping for art supplies :-)

maandag 29 juni 2015

3 gekkos

I am much behind in replying to my received mail art!.. So each time that I'm sending out mail I feel happy (and relieved / less guilty). These three geckos took several weeks to a month to create. That is, the geckos themselves (or: 'no geckos', the outside lines :-) ) I drew within some minutes. However, to make the rest I had to find and use every spare minute available. In the waiting room at the dentist, while waiting at appointments, while driving in or waiting for the bus, metro, train, etcetera.
So, finally these are on their way. Coincidentally I've sent the three of them to the USA: to Keith, Phillip and Jack respectively.