zondag 26 september 2010

Tiny art (2 - Breaking News: Lost in Post?)

After more than two months of patience I'm afraid the conclusion is that my tiny piece of mail art for Josh Ronsen's Tiny Art Exchange has been lost in mail. Or at the border. To send a tiny unidentified object packed in two bottle caps with strange tiny creatures stamped on the envelope might cause suspicion. Or at least a frown.
And I imagine the authorities, who unpacked this object to investigate it, aren't able to wrap it up that way again. So possibly the tiny to-exchange-art-object ended it's life in a dustbin!?...

Fortunately I had few pictures left, and one of these I could use for a new attempt of a tiny 'art' exchange.
Packed in a more nondescript way this time.

(To be revealed as soon as it arrives it's destination!)(And it did!)

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