zondag 15 mei 2011

Received from Tic Tac

Documentation on the fabulous mail art project 'Message in a Bottle'.

I'm always amazed and admiring how Ptrzia/TicTac makes such sharp pictures of the contributions. I received your documentation with a lot of pleasure, Ptrzia!

And of course all contributions cause a lot of joy. It's surprising that the words Message in a bottle inspire artists to so many different versions of bottles and messages! See with own eyes and enjoy yourself on the TicTac's Message in a Bottle website.

A previous TicTac mail art project is Bubbles.
Besides mail art project leader Ptrzia/TicTac is also a mail artist and a photographer.

Thank you very much, grazie mille, muchas gracias, Patrizia!

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  1. thank you Heleen...for your generous and beautiful contributions! it was a fun project.