zaterdag 18 juni 2011

Sketchbook 'Lines and Grids'

Goed nieuws vandaag in mijn email, van Art House Co-op. Men is druk bezig de eerder dit jaar ontvangen schetsboeken te digitaliseren (van de ruim 28.800 verzonden schetsboeken kwamen er een kleine 10.000 retour).
Het verheugende nieuws: mijn 'Lines & Grids' schetsboek is nu online te bezichtigen! Met allerlei lijnen en 'n beetje, tja, hoe vertaal je 'grids', rasterachtig draadwerk.

Good news in my email from Art House Co-op. They now are digitalizing the received sketchbooks (a lot of work, as of the 28,839 sent books still almost 10,000 were returned).
The gladdening news: my 'Lines & Grids' sketchbook now is online!
With all kinds of lines and a few grids.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Congratulations! I've seen the book. It's so beautiful and imaginative...!
    Will you participate in "The Sketchbook Project 2012"?

  2. Thank you, Eva!

    Yes, I signed up for 2012 for two themes (and already received the sketchbooks): 'Monochromatic' and 'A path through the trees'. Though the latter now I regret a little, as I'm not good at drawing landscapes (including paths through trees :-) ).
    And too many other eligible themes are interesting, too!
    'Uncharted waters', for instance, would that be something for Salina, you think?

    I think the project in a way funny, paradoxical: you spend weeks, months in order to create a collector's item, a unique work of art, and pay, to get rid of it forever!
    Though the idea that the books will be kept in a Library of course is comforting. And of course for the Art House Coop people it's a lot of effort to receive, classify, let travel and store those thousands of sketchbooks.

  3. I thought the same: it's hard to part with your book! But, at the same time, it's nice because you can see it (and show it) through the web. And maybe the right place for a book is a library, and not a house :)

    I thought of participate, but I do collages, not drawings, and I'm afraid that sometimes collages make the (note)books "larger than one-inch thick".

    And then... yes: pay for working!?!

  4. I like the pages with lines... but I dislike the pages with grids!!