zaterdag 26 november 2011

Fiets in de sneeuw

Is fotografie ook mail art? Zéker wanneer je de foto via zo'n kaartenmaak-firma omtovert tot een gewone ansichtkaart??

Can photography be considered 'mail art', especially when you turned the picture via a postcard-making-company into a regular postcard?

Vorig jaar winter gefotografeerd, nu verzonden naar enkele fietsminnende postcrossers.
Made winter 2010, and sent to some postcrossers.

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  1. I am not quite sure about it. BUT, there is a whole bunch of iPhone apps that let you take a picture and add some text and an address and they print it an ship if for you. I tested several of them a while ago and the one I kept is Corel Postcard. I stuck with them because of the pricing scheme: You do not have to pay credits in advance but pay per card (via a credit card).
    Also, the prints are OK and fairly priced: 1 USD per Card, to anywhere in the world.