dinsdag 26 juni 2012

Where has the forest gone?

M'n mail art verstuur-activiteiten zitten de laatste tijd helaas wat op 'n laag pitje. Intussen ben ik 'achter de schermen', tussen alle dagelijkse drukte door, gelukkig wel bezig met het máken, van een mail art serie. Getiteld 'Waar is het bos gebleven?'.
Deel 1 (links, met zeehond) en deel 2 (rechts, stempelontwerp) zijn inmiddels verstuurd. De zeehond naar Haldjas, de zwart-wit tekening naar Ryosuke Cohen.

Last months I've been sending almost no mail art at all. Meanwhile I was and am busy making a mail art series, called 'Where has the forest gone?'.
Part one (you see on the left, with seal) I've sent to Haldjas. Part two (the black and white drawing / stamp design) is on it's way to Japan, to Ryosuke Cohen.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. I guess in Summer time forests are in trouble in certain regions (even more than the other times of the year). We have this problem in the Catalan countries and in the south, in València, there was a horrible fire last week. :(

  2. Surely fire can cause horrible trouble to the woods (however, interesting to know that - in Australia - some forests need fire every now and then, because certain seeds only come up after been heated this way!).

    However, I made this serie (more pictures to come) because of anger with deforestation, because of anger with people who selfishly enrich themselves by destroying the woods and who are, while destroying beautiful trees and ancient nature, destroying our planet.

  3. Love your drawings Heleen! This is going to be lovely series I'm sure