vrijdag 14 december 2012

Turquoise sky

Ontvangen van Eva, deze mooie collages met heel veel van mijn favoriete kleur erin!
En mooie muziekpostzegels (ik hou van snaarinstrumenten!): de Indiase sitar en de rabel, een van oorsprong Spaans instrument, vooral bekend uit Cantabrië.
Moltes gràcies, Eva, and also bon any for you, too!

Received from Eva, these pretty collages with lots of my favourite colour in it!
And she knows I love the postage stamps (although she might not know that I collect stringed instruments!?), showing the Indian Sitar and the Spanish (Cantabrian) Rabel.
Thank you very much, Eva!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. I'm glad you like it! I know you like all kind of instruments, so I thought you would like these stamps. I guessed well!

    It arrived soon...it was supposed to wish you a happy new year, and it's still two weeks left!

    By the way, I have three more stamps for you of the same series. I don't remember now which instruments figure on them. But I suppose you'd like anyway... :) I bought them in Ceuta, and I need to send them from Spain, of course. It will arrive soon!

  2. Thanks again, Eva!
    Especially string instruments are my favourites, so I am extra happy to read that you've got the other three, too! Harp, balalaika and banjo... Yippeeee! Though this Rabel and Sitar already made my day, as well as your beautiful collage of course did!

    Oumph, only two weeks left before new year, I didn't realize that 2013 is coming that soon... time flies...