dinsdag 1 januari 2013

Fe mail art

Mooie post van Moan Lisa uit de Verenigde Staten. De inhoud is zoals je ziet vertrouwelijk, dus die blijft in de envelop. Je kan per slot van rekening niet alles op het o zo openbare net zetten. Maar kijk eens, die mooie stempels!
Leuk om te zien, ook, dat de Amerikaanse brievenbus er zo heel anders uitziet dan de Nederlandse.

Hoe je trouwens 'brievenbus' goed in het Engels vertaalt, volgens mij is dat per land verschillend. In de IUOMA-groep zag ik dat ik niet de enige in verwarring ben.
Zie ook de terechte vraag en de verschillende antwoorden - uit verschillende landen - op Eva's blog.

Beautiful mail from Moan Lisa from the USA. The content, as you can read below, is confidential, so I kept the content within the envelope. I'm sure you'll understand: the internet of course is too public to publish everything.
But take a look at the beautiful rubber stamp prints! For me it's nice to see that the USA mailbox looks so different from the Dutch one.

P.S. Concerning mailboxes: I have some difficulty translating 'brievenbus' into the right English word, as every country seems to have it's own word(s). Mailbox, letterbox, postbox... The IUOMA group learnt me that I am not the only one in confusion.
In Dutch the word 'brievenbus' literally means 'letter bus/box', but it is used for two types of boxes: the box for outgoing and the one for incoming mail. However, similar to the function, the box itself is different.
See also the nice question and various answers (maybe you could add yours to it!?) on Eva's blog.

Thank you very much, Moan Lisa!

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