vrijdag 28 februari 2014

Kubus-trap, mini-e-mailart

Zo af en toe laait de discussie op of 'email-kunst' ook mail art is.
Ik vind van wel. Hoewel ik het liefst papieren (gestempelde!) mail art verstuur en ontvang, zijn er in ieder geval twee mensen in de weer met 'email art', die mij steeds weer blij maken.
Zo ging Fraenz uit Luxemburg over van papieren post op email-kunst, hij heeft een interessant project over affiches (desondanks was ik laatst de gelukkige ontvanger, per papieren post, van prachtige artistamps van zijn hand!).
En Ervin uit Hongarije maakt ons al jaren blij met zijn Arnolfini Mini[e]MailArt projecten.

Nu net is het 25e Arnolfini M[e]MA project afgesloten. Het thema was 'stairs'. De trap, dus. En 't denken aan de locatie, waar nu geen snail mail naar toe gestuurd hoefde te worden, gaf inspiratie (inspiratie kwam trouwens ook doordat er zich een groot kubus-fan in mijn omgeving bevindt). De Kubus komt per slot van rekening oorspronkelijk uit Hongarije. En blijkt een mooie trap te zijn.

Every now and then there's a dispute on whether email art is mail art or not.
I think it is. However, I prefer to send out and receive paper (stamped!) mail art. But there are at least two people always making me happy by their e-mail art business.
For instance Fraenz from Luxembourg decided to switch from paper mail art to digital email art, and has an interesting project on posters (despite of Fraenz' digital switch, I recently was a very lucky receiver of wonderful artistamps by Fraenz, which to my surprise arrived via snail mail!).
And since many years Ervin from Hungary makes us happy by his Arnolfini Mini[e]MailArt projects.

Just now the 25th Arnolfini MMA project has closed. The theme was 'stairs'. And thinking of the location, which I wouldn't need to send snail mail to now, I suddenly became inspired (well, there's also a big cube-fan in my surroundings). And the Cube originally comes from Hungary.

Since I created this tiny stair I'm seeing a stairway in every cube..

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  1. Yes, I did. At a cube-solving competition which some family member attended and which had a lot of waiting time.
    Some cube-solvers thought this knitting far more difficult than solving a cube with 4x4 squares at each side, and I thought it the other way round :-)

    The knitted cube still hasn't been finished (one more side to go, and then find some suitable filling and stitch it together).
    What are you knitting at the moment, if I may ask? :-)

    1. I'm impressed!
      I'm knitting a little two-pockets purse (for keeping some of my knitting supplies). It's easy, but don't forget that I'm an absolute beginner and I need to learn everything!
      I'm doing that with my "practising wool" (not very good quality).
      My next project swill be:
      --two scarves for my nieces' teddy bears :D
      --a poncho for me, for next winter (I bought good wool for that!).
      I'm very happy to learn knitting, and I feel like doing difficult things. But I think I need to learn step by step.

    2. Knitting Eva, I think it great!
      So good of you to learn it! And looking forward to seeing your two-pockets purse, must be a wonderful knitting-supplies-keeper!

      I've learned knitting as a child from my late grandma, and even at primary school we used to learn a little knitting, so I've had advantage. Although I never have knitted difficult patterns (like cables).
      Nowadays at schools they alas quit knitting and all other yarn and thread things, at least at the schools I know. However knitting seems to be booming here. Also there's a children's book writer who promotes knitting, especially and yarn bombing - she even has a website on yarn bombing [= wildbreien in Dutch: knit in the wild, see http://wildbreien.nl ].
      And I keep on learning too!
      I found this website with movies how to ad a new thread when the previous was too short, and other items, maybe it's useful for you, too:

    3. Thanks for the links. I'm learning from two books (one of them featured in the last link! But I have it in Spanish), and also from Internet tutorials. Videos are a great help to learn, but sometimes I need to see them more than twice :)

      I have also a link to share, a Spanish new knitting company: weareknitters.com
      (I haven't bought anything from them - yet).

  2. As a child, I practised with the cube, but I never got more than three or four sides, I'm afraid :'(

    1. Well, that's more than I am able to do! (I'm not a newbie in knitting, but in cubing I'm an absolute beginner, too :-)