woensdag 24 februari 2016

Koffie filter mail art

"Snail Mail Snail defies harsh conditions
(even coffee grounds) to deliver mail."

Great mail art project for coffee lovers and recyclists:
mail art on a used coffee filter (size 4).
Sent to Ed Hanssen in the Netherlands.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Did this one arrive safe and sound? It seems fragile!

  2. I was in doubt whether to send it naked or in a plastic. The previous one I've sent in a plastic package from a regular card (because it sprayed coffeee grounds, so a cover to not disturb other mail senders and receivers). And it arrived safely!
    This one I'm sending in such plastic, too, but I think I'll send the next one naked.
    I don't know if there is a limit to how much coffee filters one can send, but I drink a lot of filter coffee as you know :-)
    Do you use filters? If not, would you like me to send you some usable used filters so you can participate, too? :-)

    1. I don't use filters, as I use the Italian coffee maker (by the way, I read the inventor of it has recently passed away...). I'm not really interested in participating. But thanks for the offer anyway!