zondag 24 juli 2016

My biggest fear?

Made for Corentine Granderue's mail art project "Envoyez-moi votre plus grande peur"("Send me your greatest fear").
Me 'peur'??
As I know and accept since many years that life will end one day, that most people learn to cope with negative things in life and I expect myself to do so, too, and that unpleasant things always will end, I thought there is nothing that really and continuously would scare me. Until I remembered a situation that my knees started shaking and my body stopped moving forward: I am able to be afraid: there are situations in which I show fear of height!
So I drew this situation. In real it was a ledge instead of a bridge and this ledge wasn't that high :-)

In front you can see one of my very rare self portraits :-)

And I wonder: what is YOUR biggest fear?

The envelope was inspired by Corentine's call for entries and by the well-known art by "E", ambassadeur d'Utopia.

The 'fear' mail art project has closed. But don't worry: check Corentine's website for her new mail art project: "l'Enfermement" ("The imprisonment").
And "E"'s website for his new project: "Les migrants – Mineurs isolés – Europe, terre promise?" ("The migrants - isolated minors - Europe, promised land?").

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  1. Water! I'm sure I could drown in a puddle.

    1. Good to know - and surprising (as you have sent me wonderful postcards of lighthouses in wilde seas :-) )! Thank you for sharing!