vrijdag 31 maart 2017

Blue birds

Naomi was so kind to send me one of the postcards from her thousand postcard project.
On instagram I saw she draws and paints wonderful birds on envelopes (like these Cockatoos).
So I decided to draw a bird in reply to send to Australia. And while I prefer to draw Australian wildlife, she prefered to receive a Dutch bird. So this Blue Tit arose on my paper.

On the envelope some more 'blue' birds: the 'Blauwborst' (literally 'blue chest', in English the Bluethroat) on the Dutch stamp, and... I couldn't resist to add one tiny Australian birdie, the superb fairy-wren.

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    1. Thank you! I should draw you a bird, too... What is your favourite bird?

    2. Well, you did already draw me the most amazing puffin. I think he is currently my favorite :) I don't know if I have an absolute favorite. I do like Robins, Cardinal birds (both male and female). In Mexico a couple of years ago I saw an incredible colony of pelicans. And of course owls.

    3. Crows and ravens are also fascinating.

    4. Heleen, you would need a DIN A4 postcard to include all Phillip's favourite birds...! :P

    5. There is also a woodpecker that I can hear tapping away in a tree nearby the house, but I have never managed to see it. And don't listen to Eva, one bird from the list is more than enough! Although we probably have more fun watching the antics of the squirrels that use the back fence like a highway.

    6. Hahaha :-) One should always listen to Eva, she's saying smart things. Hear me? Always! :-)

      However I have found a compromise. On one hand I don't have time at the moment to draw all birds (how much I wish would have and do). But, on the other hand, I got a few bird cards from an artist recently, at whose studio I'm doing some painting workshops at the moment. She's a big bird lover and she made amazing oil/acrylic paintings. Fortunately she made postcards of some of her paintings, among them two of the species you mentioned.
      I will send these two to you, FinnBadger :-)
      And I am happy that you mentioned many, so there's enough for me to choose from (maybe I'm not listening that well to Eva and draw you just one or two..)
      (By the way, being myopic, I can draw very small, so all would fit on a 10x15 postcard sized card ;-) )

    7. I hear you! Looking forward to receiving the cards.

  2. I love the colours of these birds!

    1. The colours of the pimpelmees in real are a bit more pale, not as shiny as my watercolourpencils suggested...
      But oh, the fairy-wren! I've seen some in real and they are so bright, shiny coloured! <3