zondag 19 december 2010

Merel - Blackbird - Pássaro Preto (1)

Voor het Braziliaanse 'Blackbird project'- For the Brazilian 'Blackbird - Pássaro preto - project'.
Uit zijn snavel komt het mooie Braziliaanse lied 'O cio da terra'. The song he sings is the beautiful Brazilian song 'O cio da terra'.

Bij het horen van het woord 'Blackbird' denken we natuurlijk meteen aan de Merel.
Maar.. De Braziliaanse 'zwarte vogel' is geen merel (melro-preto in 't Portugees), maar een andere, letterlijk de pássaro preto. Vandaar déze zwarte vogel erbij getekend.

Hearing the name 'Blackbird' I instantly think of our common blackbird.
However.. The Brazilian 'black bird' (literally 'pássaro preto') is not the same bird as the common blackbird (turdus merula). The also nice singing Brazilian Blackbird is quite distinct, for this reason I added o pássaro preto to this mail.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Heleen, HELLO!
    Your wonderful work is already home! see the link:

    Thank you for supporting the project!
    Feel free to share this and invite more people to participate.

    Although not the same bird, here in Brazil, most people confused and believe to be the same bird.

    Greetings from Brazil.
    : )

    P.S. Milton Nascimento is almost a God of Brazilian popular music!
    Cio da Terra is one of his most famous songs!
    I am honored by your comments.

  2. Hello Alexandre!
    Thank you for your comments, I feel honored by your words, obrigado!

    Sure I will share your project. And your website: there are many beautiful contributions to see on http://blackbirdproject.blogspot.com !

    Saudações do Holanda!

    P.S. Milton Nascimento has such a beautiful voice. And I can imagine he is considered like that, as he is an important person in history and present of MPB, I think, singing and composing for so many decades!..
    He has been in Amsterdam in 2008 and I enjoyed his show a lot (as I enjoy most of his cd's) and so did many Brazilian visitors.