zondag 5 december 2010

Received from Okadascat

A rather unusual mail art object came into my postbox: Knitting Art!
Made by Okadascat as an answer to my contributions to Okadascat's I Like Purple mail art project.

About Knitting Art there is a lot to say. Thanks to Okadascat and to other mail artists I learned that knitting can be used for all kinds of art purposes, like Kniffity, and even you can replace nature by Knitted Flora.

And this beautiful envelope covered the cool brooch...

... a brick wall envelope which for some reason made me think of an other zealous mail artist: Andy, of course, the founder of the Real Wall.

How nice to see the circle is round (or: the world is small): on Andy and Elena's Real Wall there is a lot of Knitting Art from Okadascat!

Thanks a lot, Okadascat, for your brooch, stamps and your kind message!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. I got one of these from Okadascat too! I think she's great! I see you're blogging in English these days too Heleen. That's such a relief for me!

  2. Hi Andy! Welcome on my mail art blog! It's supposed to be bilingual (Dutch-English) but sometimes unilingual as you see. Though other languages shouldn't be a problem for you, too. Did you know Salina (one of my blog followers) writes in Catalan, which to a non-Catalan speaker might seem abracadabra, but thanks to http://translate.google.nl/ I'm able to understand her! (and fortunately she understands English). So that could be a relief to you, too!

    Thanks for your blog topic on Okadascat, I mentioned it above. And I agree with you: Okadascat's knitting skills are great! (her drawings, too!)