donderdag 16 oktober 2014

Olive tree...

Olijfboom, getekend voor Quinta Buma. Zij is fotograaf en maakt prachtige ansichtkaarten, zie haar website.

Olive tree, drawn for Quinta Buma. She is a photographer and makes beautiful postcards, check her website.

Verzonden in deze envelop. De postzegel met de Waalbrug is van mijn hand, de artistamp kreeg ik van Patrizia / TICTAC uit Duitsland. Altijd leuk om kunst te ontvangen, èn die weer door te sturen, per post!

Sent in this envelope. The bridge-stamp has been created by me, and shows the bridge over the river Waal, in the city of Nijmegen. The artistamp I received from Patrizia / TICTAC from Germany. It's always a joy to receive art and pass it on to other artists, via snail mail!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. I think olive trees are among my favourites. They remind me my childhood and, in general, my village, my region... (We also have olive trees in Morocco, but they are slightly different, you know).

  2. Indeed, olive trees are so beautiful, also to draw.
    I didn't know that there are differences: how do the olive trees in Morocco look like?

  3. I like specially their colour: "bluegreen" or "greenblue".

    The difference isn't in the tree itself. It is just that here they are higher, and in my region they are pruned in order to be shorter. Here they are, in general, "wilder" (even if used for producing oil)... :D

    My mother still owns a little plot with some olive trees.