woensdag 21 oktober 2015

Why did the chicken cross the road?

On instagram I found Torafish's account.
He makes beautiful photos, and besides that, he collects a certain sentence in all languages: 'Why did the chicken cross the road?'.
Not the answer to this question, but the question itself. He collects these to add to his 17 cm x 10.8 cm sketchbook.

So far he didn't have the Dutch version, so I drew and wrote him this.

(Fortunately there was extra room on the envelope, as I couldn't resist to have the chicken think of the answer..)

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  1. Thank you for your comment!

    I was thinking, Eva, isn't this project something for you, too?
    He collects the translation of the question in all kinds of langguages and dialects, and wants them translated from native speakers. You do at least have two native languages! :-)
    If you want, you can create something on a 17 x 10.8 cms piece of paper. Or I could send you a drawing (or two different ones, or three, or more, as you will probably meet other-language-native-speakers around you!?) to which you can add the written translation!?!
    Let me know if you would like to contribute, too!

  2. Hi Heleen!
    Thank you so much for the lovely chicken and thank you to for introducing me and this "weird" hobby of mine!
    After browsing through your blog last night I learned something about mail art for the first time! So in effect you have sent me a piece of mail art, right? But I'm binding it into my Road Crossing Chicken sketchbook which I've only started a few months back... I also have a blog about this subject which I made a long time ago and which I haven't updated for a long time! Must find some time to continue that blog - http://whychickencrossroad.blogspot.my/ Pay a visit! I also have a blog on Dragonflies my favourite insects, but again I hardly find time to update that too... http://dragonsndamsels.blogspot.my/

  3. Thank you, Joe / Dragonchaser for your kind words!
    I name the piece sent to you 'mail art', but you may name it whatever you wish. Glad you like my interpretation of the chicken!

    Practising mail art for me is not a hobby but it is a way / important part of life :-) I've a paid job (non-art) to earn my living (and to provide our children with food, cloths etcetera and to pay the postage and art suppllies), and I consider mail art as my other (not-for-profit, non-paid) job. Although (paid) work and taking care for my family make it hard to find sufficient time to create all things I have in mind. I read that 'time' for you is scarce, too...

    I already took a look at your blogs yesterday and I love your pictures! Both the Dragonflies and all road-crossing (and road-running) animals!
    I didn't know the riddle about the road crossing chicken beofe. As far as I know no such riddle exists in Dutch. It is inspiring because it made me think of many other reasons why the chicken did so :-)

  4. My "gallina" to Joe also arrived! :D
    I will upload it soon.

  5. Your Gallina is lovely!
    I saw it on his instagram account,

  6. I saw *her* I mean, not 'it' :-)
    Such a beautiful drawing!