donderdag 10 maart 2016

Mail Chicken and Mail Gull

About 48 weeks ago I painted two postal birds, on eggs. Birds other than the well-known mail pigeons. I peeled the eggs a little on the back to remove the inside. And I've kept them for almost a year in my kitchen window sill.

Finally the time has come to let them go, thanks to this call for an Egg Mail Art project!

So I packed them and added some drawing inside the box:

Seems to be a good question: 'Who was first, the chicken or the egg?'. These birds know the answer!

And I addressed it to the curator of this project, Éva in Hungary:

With some flying egg on the back side (all credits to the mail artist who drew this first - alas I forgot who it was.):

All in a larger package with many stamps:

Wishing both birds a good and safe travel!

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