donderdag 24 maart 2016

Squirrel / Fox / Sqox

Squirrel and Snail Mail Snail sent to Connie Jean's Squirrelmuseum:

Fox sent to Margit in Germany:

Sqox - Pufflingspaintings character - sent to @pufflingspaintings herself:

Fortunately for the latter I had found these matching stamps to accompany Sqox during the journey:

9 opmerkingen:

  1. These are really funny. You always find the best stamps!

  2. This is great, love the Sqox! And hazelnuts are my favorite nut. I love the squirrel stamp, too.

  3. Thank you, Eva and Phillip! Really fun to draw, too :-)

    I think the two of you will love to read more about Sqox!

    You can find short texts under the drawings of Sqox at Philippa's instagram account: (I think you have to scroll down a little and look at/for the pictures on which Sqox is present)

    By the way, Sqox is not invented by me, but is a character by @Pufflingspaintings / Phillippa (see also ).

    1. Ooops, I didn't realize it was a chestnut, not a hazelnut. And now your mail is on top of Philippa's instagram with rather a lot of likes and comments!

    2. And I just found the twelve days of Christmas, unicorn and sqox version - fantastic!

    3. Those Twelve days made me smile from ear to ear! Fantastic indeed!
      By the way, I learned about those '12 days' thanks to a previous Sunday Stamps post not that long ago, so I knew what it was about (guess you already know it for ages :-) ) so I understood and loved it!

      Pity you recognized in time that those are chestnuts and not hazelnuts, otherwise I would have sent you hazelnuts :-) (be it that I expect them not be able to pass the US customs :-) )

    4. I need to inform you that I received once a letter on a chestnut (within Spain)! real mail adventure, yes :D

    5. That indeed is a real mail adventure!